Brother RaymondBridge to Life Center
310 Beck Avenue, Fairfield CA • (707) 425-FOOD (3663)

Our newest campus houses over 200 people. We currently have homeless veterans, single women, women with children, and intact families, and we are assisting them to become independent and productive members of society. This is also where our buses leave to take nightly guests to different churches in our area for our Nomadic Shelter.

Veteran's Dorm - Paul - • (707) 673-4259
Women’s Dorm - Cindy - • (707) 439-3017

Child at Shelter for Woman and ChildenMission Solano Thrift Store
2025 N Texas Street, Fairfield CA • (707) 425-FOOD (3663)

We receive donations daily Monday through Saturday, and have lots of treasures.  Stop by and check out our daily bargains.

Drive Away Hunger
2025 N Texas Street, Fairfield CA • (707) 425-FOOD (3663)

This used car lot houses our auto donation program, and receives and sells donated cars, boats and RV’s.