Cliff's Story of Kindness

Cliff Parker spent most of his adult life incarcerated in prison. Suffering from a childhood of pain and abuse, he never found the love and care we all need to grow up healthy. As an adult he continually longed for kindness and hope, even as he did time in prison and solitary. Here, he was able to come to Christ in his darkest moments, and decided that he would eventually be released and start a new life, even when life in prison seemed eminent.

Forward to today - not only did he find kindness and change at Mission SOLANO upon his release, he has stuck around, and is now serving as one of our Community Outreach Center Managers. Along with Gene Ahu, he manages day to day activities at the COC, and also provides case management for the Rays of HOPE participants.

See how Cliff is living out the Fruits of the Spirt by sharing kindness daily with our incoming guests, as well as building relationships and changing lives at Mission SOLANO.

Visit our secure website to make your online donation and PLEASE SUPPORT Cliff and those like him who's lives are being changed at Mission SOLANO.