Annual Report

We are grateful to God for his great blessing on this ministry to the homeless and needy in Solano County. However, none of our continued outreach would be possible without the loyalty and faithfulness of our many friends – men, women, churches and business partners who give freely of their time, talents, energy and resources. From our humble beginnings in a donated bus 15 years ago, to our State-of-the-Art Bridge to Life Center in Fairfield, we still serve the ones in our community with the greatest need.

Here is a current report on the results of the many investments made in the lives of the people we serve at Mission Solano. 


Rehabilitation is offered through the New Life Recovery Programs in association with the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. This program helps individuals gain the self-discipline needed to re-enter society. The program hosts residents receiving spiritual instruction, counseling, education, life skills instructions, work at our social enterprise locations, and assistance in job search and placement.

The “Next Step” Transitional Program for Men

Our Next Step Transitional Program for Men provides transitional housing and ministry for those who complete our Rays of HOPE Program. Participants will maintain outside employment or work in our social enterprises (Thrift Store and Drive Away Hunger Car Lot), work on a budget, maintain a savings account, continue to work on addiction recovery, attend discipleship classes, and be active in a local church.

Transitional Program for Women and Children

The  Matt Garcia Home for Women and Children at our Bridge to Life Center provides women and their children with room and board for one year or more while they are involved in life skills training, job and housing search, counseling and bible instructions.  

We also have small apartments for intact families in need of housing to help them get back on their feet.

Transitional Program for Veterans

The Bridge to Life Center is a haven for homeless veterans that need a place to heal and recover from the circumstances that caused them to be homeless.

Our state-of-the-art program offers a safe environment, counseling, transportation to meetings and appointments, and resources to help them find permanent housing and jobs.


The Mission Solano Nomadic Shelter Program, operated in partnership with Solano County churches and started in 1998, accommodates up to 50 people a night.

As a next step, the Bridge to Life Center, which was opened in 2009, currently includes the Matt Garcia Home for Women and Children, the Day Care Center, currently being used as a temporary dining room, a complete mobile kitchen preparing healthy, nutritious meals, multiple family housing units for intact families, the Home for Veteran men, and our Syar Foundation Hope Home, which is currently being used for the administration offices, but will house the caretakers in the near future.  The next phase will see the construction and opening of the Dining Hall/Culinary Institute, Education Center and Chapel.



Mission Solano has an annual operating budget of approximately $2.5 million which is supported by individuals, businesses, churches, foundations, corporations, service clubs, schools, and other civic and government organizations.  We received hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts in kind in 2012 to support our programs, along with countless hours of volunteer service from the community, and meals donated and prepared by our residents.  For this, we are extremely grateful.  We will strive to be good stewards of your investment in our programs.

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Your Dollar Goes a Long Way

  • $1.79 - provides a nourishing meal for one hungry person
  • $9.06 - covers the cost of a warm bed for one night for a homeless person
  • $24.69 - underwrites program costs for one person to go through our New Life Recovery program per day
  • $39.12 - underwrites total costs for one person to go through our "New Life" Recovery program per day

Hope Home for Homeless Veterans

Hope Home

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