Welcome to You have arrived here because you are wondering what this is all about. It is about compassion. Compassion here in our community. Compassion in Solano County. Compassion for the most vulnerable among us.

“It’s not hard to create a ghetto,” said Bob Lupton, Atlanta Community Developer. “Just remove the capable neighbors. To produce a substandard school system, withdraw the students of achieving parents. To create a culture of chronically dependent people, merely extract the upwardly mobile role models from the community. That’s what happened in thousands of communities across the United States.”

You have decided to stand up and say, “No! Not in our community.” And we applaud you. You can be that role model that engages our community for change, empowers the dependent of our community for change, and equips the vessel that is driving that change—Mission Solano.

If you have come this far, come a little further.

Compassion is what drives us at Mission Solano. And compassion, and maybe a little curiosity, is what drove you to this site. We hope you will take one more step and finish the journey by helping us to take compassion to the streets, establish community care and hope for men, women and children of Solano County.

Help us continue to create a culture of self-dependent, socially, economically and spiritually redeemed “upwardly mobile role models for the community.” This is compassion at its core!

Supporting Mission Solano is not just a good idea…it’s your mission.

CLICK AND COMPLETE THE JOURNEY…they depend on us, and we depend on you.

Your partner in the journey,
Ron Marlette

Hope Home for Homeless Veterans

Hope Home

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