Frequently Asked Questions

A little background and history on the organization

Mission SOLANO was started in 1998 by the Bay Area Rescue Mission and Ron Marlette, our founder and Executive Director.  Our program began by sleeping the homeless on a bus. Quickly he created our nationally recognized Nomadic Sheltering Program, which means our guests sleep in a different church every night.

What is your mission, vision and values?

Our Mission

Our mission is to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to the homeless of Solano County by providing food, shelter, clothing, counseling, education and job skills training. To inform the public in caring for the poverty stricken.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an economic and spiritual bridge for people striving to regain the basic necessities of life in order to restore hope in themselves and their future while achieving economic stability so that they are able to rejoin their community as full and active participants

Our Values

At Mission SOLANO our ministry is based on:

  • Inspiration of hope in those we serve
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Leadership centered on servanthood
  • Respect for persons as individuals
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Moving our clients toward self-sufficiency
  • Commitment to spiritual, emotional, social, and vocational growth

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What specific services do you provide for the homeless and less fortunate?

We begin with the basics, food, clothing and shelter, but that’s only the beginning. We meet one on one with every individual that we shelter to help them work through their homelessness as a result of finances, addictions, or bad circumstances. Some need just a little help, and some need a lot. That’s where our Rays of H.O.P.E program comes in. It is a 6 - 12 month structured program to help the individual work through their difficulties and move them toward a productive and self-sufficient life.  Our Bridge to Life Center is a holistic program that currently houses and assists homeless veterans, single women, women with children and families.

Our food and clothing closets assist the next level of needy: those who may still have housing, but cannot afford the basic necessities of life, like food and clothing. These folks are able to come to our twice weekly food distribution program and to our thrift store and receive free food, clothing and household goods.

At Mission SOLANO we want to be proactive in the area of homelessness. We think it is better to help those in near homelessness to stay in their homes because there is a huge need for more shelter for the homeless in Solano County.

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What facilities to you currently have to help the needy?

We presently occupy a small campus at 740 Travis Blvd in Fairfield. This campus hosts our Community Outreach Center, our Rays of H.O.P.E Program, and our Transitional living center.  We have facilities for our guests to take a shower and get a hot meal.  Our buses take these nightly guests to different churches in our area for our Nomadic Shelter.

Our Bridge to Life Center located at 310 Beck Avenue in Fairfield, when fully completed, will house over 200 people.  We currently have homeless veterans, single women, women with children, and intact families, and we are assisting them to become independent and productive members of society. 

Our Thrift Store is at 2025 N Texas Street in Fairfield.  We receive donations daily Monday through Saturday, and have lots of treasures.  Stop by and check out our daily bargains.

The Drive Away Hunger auto donation program receives and sells donated cars, boats and RV’s.  Our location is at 1907 N Texas Street in Fairfield.

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What are your plans for future facilities and additional services?

Our immediate plans include additions to our current Bridge to Life Center.  This campus currently hosts a state-of-the-art recovery center for single women, women with children, single veteran men, and intact families. We are building a portable kitchen, and have plans for a full dining hall to be completed in the near future.  We will also have chapel and an urban development program with an educational and vocational center that will help to move individuals toward self sufficiency.

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What events/drives/special projects do you develop and manage throughout the year?

We have an annual charity golf tournament in August, various banquets, including the Brown Bag event, our Thanksgiving Feast, and our very popular children’s Christmas gift give-away that serves over 1,000 needy children.

We continuously have groups throughout the year that do everything from food drives, backpack drives, toy drives and sock drives for the homeless.  We are always looking for organizations that will provide a meal to our guests.

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How much of your service is focused on the holidays versus everyday needs?

We operate every day of the year 24/7. On a average day we will provide services to as many as 200 different individuals. We provide over 100,000 meals and 17,000 bed nights a year. We do try to make the holidays special for our guests, but we always remember that poverty never takes a holiday.

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Fundraising and Donations

How can people get involved – money, other ways? What goods and services are most in need?

  • Money always helps, however, there are many ways individuals, groups and businesses can get involved.
  • It could be as little as a $25 a month commitment to be part of the solution.
  • Volunteering 1 – 4 hour shift a week.
  • Picking up our food daily
  • Making lunches for 25 or 50 people once a week
  • Organizing a drive or benefit for the mission.

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What about specialty programs?

Vehicle Donation

We accept just about any type of vehicle or vessel. We don’t use an outside management company, so we are able to maximize the gift so that all of the proceeds go directly to the homeless and needy.  Vehicles don't have to be in running order.

Planned Giving

We have a few different planned giving programs. One, of course, is to become a monthly partner for as little as $25 a month. And then, of course, we have a group of CPA’s available to guide individuals in legacy and estate gifts.

Loving Tributes

Every month individuals give in honor or in memory of their loved ones. This is a wonderful way to show honor and tribute to that special individual in your life while allowing that gift to help those in your loved ones name.  Simply put the name of the person you would like to honor on your check, or in the comments section of our online donation site.

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What about companies – do you have Corporate Sponsors from the local area – how are you reaching out to the business community?

We are very involved in the business community. We are members of the Vacaville, Fairfield and Vallejo Chambers. Our board has a policy to make every effort to spend our money locally since we raise it locally. In addition, we meet with area business leaders to address the challenge of how to deal with the homeless issues in their communities.

Many of the largest Companies in Solano and Napa Counties have partnered with Mission SOLANO to be part of the solution.

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How can people learn more about your organization – contact info, website, location of offices?

Our main facilities are located at 740 Travis Blvd in Fairfield, you can call us at 422-1011 or visit us online at

Also, one of our most important messages is not how your listener can help us, but how your listeners can help those in need. Please, if you have a need or know someone who needs help, direct them to us.

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