Volunteer Policies And Procedures

  1. Potential Volunteer must complete an online volunteer application.

  2. Volunteer must be approved, given a pin number, and assigned an opportunity through the Community Relations Manager before they can begin volunteering.

  3. Community Relations Manager will notify staff prior to volunteer showing up for opportunity.

  4. Volunteer is responsible to check in/out with assigned Mission Solano staff member.

  5. Volunteer must sign in/out of the computer. Please Check with staff for instructions.

  6. Group volunteers: Lead volunteer must sign in/out of computer on behalf of the group.

  7. Dress code is casual but appropriate.

    • No shorts

    • Collared, modest shirts preferred

    • No spaghetti strap tank tops

    • No low cut tops

    • Pants pulled up correctly, not sagging

  8. Communication is a MUST. Volunteers need to treat opportunity as a job, and if you are not able to come in when scheduled, call direct staff member to notify.

  9. Volunteer must contact the Community Relations Manager to get any paperwork signed.

    • Please allow 48 business hours to process paperwork.

    • Last minute court-orderd requests may not be honored.

  10. As a thrift store volunteer of Mission Solano, You must understand that the policy is set and agree that you will not shop, set aside or purchaseitems during the time you volunteer.

  11. Court-ordered volunteers are not permitted to work more than eight hours a day.