Woman in front of Matt Garcia Home For Women & ChildrenFeeding and caring for the many men, women and children who seek out help this Easter season might seem overwhelming, and I can understand why.  When the multitudes were hungry, even the disciples wanted to turn them away.  They thought the hunger of 5,000 people was too big a problem for thirteen men to tackle.  Our Lord proved them wrong.

For someone who has nothing, a warm meal served with love means everything.

We might only be a small staff compared to the thousands of homeless in Solano County, but through God’s grace he has given us you and so many others like you who know that feeding those who are hungry is a small act of charity that is the purest manifestation of God’s love and hope.

Will you join us again today in turning Hunger to Hope this Easter?

Jesus gave some of His most profound teachings during meals – from feeding the 5,000 to his final blessing at the Last Supper.  He tells us to feed those who are hungry. 

During the Easter season, when we remember Christ’s sacrifices most, people in our community are still struggling, and many know all too well about sacrifices – like skipping meals so their kids can eat or paying for bills over getting groceries.  

These neighbors of yours are dealing with homelessness, job loss, disability, and illness.  And for some, even a warm meal is not available to them.
So this Easter, your kindness will mean something extra special to our hungry and homeless neighbors in Solano County. We always remind those who come during Easter of the rest of the story, that while Jesus did suffer for us, he rose from the grave to prove his love for us and can provide freedom to us!

It will mean a message of hope.  Hope for a brighter tomorrow! 

Here’s how you can help us turn Hunger to Hope during this blessed season:

Your generous gift to Mission SOLANO will enable us to feed and care for thousands of during the month of March and a special meal on Easter Sunday to all who come to our door.

At Mission SOLANO, we strive to maximize the amount of your generosity that impacts the lives of hurting men, women and children. 

As we near Easter, all of us at the mission – our staff, volunteers and guests – thank you for your generous spirit which makes our work possible throughout the year.

May God bless you this Easter and always, 

Rev. Ron Marlette
Founding Executive Director
P.S. It takes so little to make such a huge impact on the lives of men, women and children who we serve – Every $1.79 provides a warm meal and care.  Your generous gift will turn Hunger into Hope for so many this Easter season and beyond.  Thank you for being a special friend to the mission and those we serve!