Sabrena's Story of Hope

Sabrena was living in an abandoned concession stand with her husband and their four boys for two years. One day her youngest son was complaining that he was hungry, really hungry and she did not have anything for him to eat.

She told her husband to gather up whatever he could and said they would be going to Mission Solano. But they had no vehicle. Miraculously a woman in a minivan drove up, and asked Sabrena if she was okay. Sabrena said no, she was not. The woman loaded all of her family into her van, and brought them to Mission Solano!

After working with the Rays of Hope Program, Sabrena was recently a recipient of the Giving Tree Award from the Soroptimist International of Vacaville. She and her husband also qualify for a grant which provides housing for one year. Sabrena works at Mission Solano currently as a shelter attendant and her husband works in the vocational landscaping training program which accepts donations for the work they do which goes back to Mission Solano. Sabrena is the happiest she has ever been.

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