Paulia's Story of Hope

Paulia started hanging out in the kitchen at a very young age. Having experienced homelessness for many years she finally landed at Mission Solano. She currently cooks 6 day a week at the Bridge to Life Center campus for over 100 people at each meal! Together with the menu planner, she takes what is available and transforms it into delicious meals; everyone loves her talents!

She believes that people who are having a hard time, or who are working hard should come home to a place where a shared hot meal allows camaraderie and the ability to talk with others about the trials and joys of their day. Paulia encourages new guests to enjoy this meal and to relax for a moment knowing that they are safe here at Mission Solano.

She says that people blossom over food. Her dream is to open a catering business with Mission Solano and would like the proceeds of her efforts to go directly back into this ministry.

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